Keenan Veraar

Development Manager

Keenan had a happy upbringing that has shaped him into the personable and confident adult he is today. A sports fanatic, Keenan owes the most exciting day of his life to the day the Canberra Raiders won the grand final in 1989. In his time away from work, you will find Keenan exercising, but he is rarely separated from his job. Real Estate was a business his family were involved in, so he watched them succeed in their own right by helping others achieve their property dreams, and avidly aims to do the same. This motivated man has previously owned his own agency, he is goal orientated and does not stop until results are achieved. He attributes his greatest personal success to the moment the last apartment of complex Space 2 was sold, achieving one hundred per cent of sales. Keenan would tell you there is no substitute for hard work, and puts his all into his line of business. He manages the sales team, and intends to raise LJ Hooker Project Marketing as Canberra’s top project marketing agency. “We are on track, so I will maintain my integrity in continuing to do all I can to bring us to be the regional best at what we do.”

  • LJ Hooker Champion - Gold Medallist
    LJ Hooker Champion - Gold Medallist
  • Top 2.5%
    Top 2.5%
  • Top 7%
    Top 7%

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My Awards

  • LJ Hooker Champion - Gold Medallist - Aug 2019
  • Annual International - World Champion Salesperson - Number Of Transactions 2nd Runner Up - Aug 2019
  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Salesperson - Number Of Properties Sold - Aug 2019
  • Top 2.5% - Mar 2019
  • Top 7% - Mar 2019
  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Salesperson - Number Of Properties Sold (2nd Runner Up) - Aug 2014