Andy Greenberger


If Andy could travel anywhere in the world, he would visit Chile. This driven agent was born there, and would love to go back and explore the country of his birth with his children, Will and Cait. They are his pride and joy – the most exciting days of his life were the days of their birth – and he is happiest when he is with them. As an adult, Andy acknowledges his Godfather, who is successful, driven and hardworking, has had the greatest effect on him. These are all qualities Andy not only admires, but possesses. There was an acute defining moment that directed Andy to real estate, the day he realised his ambition was greater than his lifestyle. He was working in fashion, and saw an old man in the industry dusting a suit, “I didn’t want that to be me in the future.” Real estate agents were always trying to recruit him to work for them, and that was the day he made his mind up to follow his dream and venture into real estate. With his most memorable self achievements being credited Captain’s Club status three times running; clients can expect hard work, good negotiating skills, and top price for their property from Andy. 

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  • Annual Australia - Top Referrer - Financial Services - Jul 2010