Andrew Ligdopoulos

Franchise Owner

Andrew Ligdopoulos - Director

Andrew has been in the industry for 16 years and has managed sales teams for a large portion of this time. He is currently a member of the prestigious Multi Million Dollar Chapter recognised in the top 7% of salespeople in the L.J. Hooker Network Internationally. Andrew has worked across the industry and has a loyal following of clients who rely on his expertise when buying or selling property.

Andrew is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, and his success reflects this commitment. He has broad experience in negotiating at all levels and brings his high level of skills and expertise to every transaction on behalf of his clients. He has over a decade of experience in Negotiating and Marketing quality property to achieve the best results for his clients. Andrew is hard working and an open and honest communicator which has helped him to achieve his position as on of the top 7% of sales people in LJ Hooker internationally. His consultative style and excellent instincts mean that Andrew’s clients can attest to being delighted with not only the results he has achieved for them, but also the way in which they were achieved.

  • Liveability Real Estate Specialist
    Liveability Real Estate Specialist
  • Diamond Multi Million Dollar Member
    Diamond Multi Million Dollar Member
  • Admiral Advisory Group
    Admiral Advisory Group
  • Multi - Million Dollar Chapter
    Multi - Million Dollar Chapter

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My Awards

  • Annual NSW/ACT - Top Salesperson (Franchise Owner) - No Of Transactions - Aug 2018
  • Diamond Multi Million Dollar Member - Apr 2018
  • Multi - Million Dollar Chapter - Apr 2018
  • Annual International - World Champion Salesperson - Number Of Transactions (Franchise Owner) Runner Up - Aug 2017
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Gold Medallist - Aug 2017
  • Admiral Advisory Group - Jul 2017
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Bronze Medallist - Aug 2016
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Silver Medallist - Aug 2015
  • Liveability Real Estate Specialist - Nov 2014
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Silver Medallist - Aug 2014
  • LJ Hooker Champion - Bronze Medallist - Aug 2013